Antony Lineberger's Yamato

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Antony Lineberger's Yamato

From sunny St. Petersburg, Florida comes a 1/200 scale Yamato currently being built by Antony Lineberger.

Bought off of Ebay in the summer of 2006, Antony has only spent a few weeks to get her looking this good! He equipped her with a Futaba 4-channel radio, allowing control of not only basic maneuverability and turrets, but an on/off toggle that activates her searchlights at night.

Antony is ordering his deck planking from North Eastern Scale Lumber and asks us to ignore her current decking for now. He also plans to install a smoke maker down the road for the funnel.

He uses an emergency exit backup battery from Home Depot (those hardware stores are good to us, aren't they) for his Traxxas Titan motor. A 6-volt lantern battery in the bow powers the searchlights.

His Yamato still sitting too high in the water, Antony added 4 pounds of lead sinkers, bringing her total weight to 16 pounds.

The stock propellers were replaced with 3-bladed 30mm props from Model Expo, and the flag at the stern was printed out on Antony's computer. He created his own wire grille for the top of the funnel and is adding railing. Addtionally, Antony made his own screens for the ship's radar.

When completed, Antony plans to sail her with the Tampa Bay Electric Boat Club on Lake Seminole. For now, she has already made a couple of test voyages.

We definately look forward to seeing this Yamato completed and sailing officially soon! This page (as well as the news page) will be updated when she is done, so please check back within the next few months!

Built by: Antony Lineberger
Built: 2006
Length overall: 4 feet, 4 inches
Width overall: 8 inches
Height overall: about 11 inches
Home waters: In and around St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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